How to speed up WordPress is surely a super hot topic, most WordPress installations are ridiculously slow and that has as a result losing clients, its bad for SEO and effect your ranking on search engines Why should you speed up WordPress? There are many reasons that ring alarm bells, some of which might even cause major concerns for you: Search engines (like Google) rank websites with fast-loading times higher than the slow-loading ones. Studies have shown that site-loading speed of more than 2 seconds usually results in about 47 percent of visitors bouncing off the website. So, to keep about half of your visitors interested, you should speed up your WordPress.Online buyers are the most impatient lot; they expect the page to load within a second. So, if you are running an e-commerce store on WordPress then you better get ready to make major improvements so your business¬†can be more profitable. How to test the loading time of your website? The easiest ways to test your website speed are Google Page Speed Test is built to identify faults in a website’s compliance with Google’s Web Performance Best Practices, as well as automate the adjustment process. Pingdom Tools this tool will test your website load times from Different locations around the world. So you want to speed up your WordPress installation but where do you start? i have divide this guide on simple and easy to understand steps, lets start with step 1 1 Choose your hosting Provider wisely There are millions of hosting providers but finding one that offer really good performance and not overloaded servers can be quite tricky. During our tests the best providers for word press we found where : OVH Shared Hosting A bit pricey solution but they do offer free CDN and guaranteed CPU and Ram resources which will make your website to load a lot faster Sovahost WebHosting Solutions The perfect solution for low budget website or e-shop, they do offer a Free CDN like OVH and automatic WordPress installation that makes things easier for you . Another big plus of sovahost is that they provide high resources as well 200% CPU 2 gb of Ram and unlimited bandwidth 2) Find a fast Theme To find a fast and nice looking theme is always challenging, you can search for free themes at WordPress Repository or try some premium themes from Envato Elements (Thousand premium themes starting from From $16.50/mThemeForest (Some of themeforest’s theme can be bought from Envato cheaper) 3)Install Cache Plugin We did a research and found that the best plugins to use are WordPress Jet-pack. Jetpack offers free CDN from your images , lazy loading , and js accelerator but most importantly is easy to install and use. WP Super Cache, Easy to setup cache plugin it will make your website loading a lot faster by caching static content, the plugin is easy to install and use WP Super Minify This plugin combines, minifies, and caches inline JavaScript and CSS files on demand to speed up page loads, using Minify PHP Framework. Conclusion The best way to keep your WordPress fast is to keep as simple as possible minimizing external code and plugins this is why i tried to keep this guide as short as possible . If you have questions let me know what you things in our forum